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when can i get pregnant after cone biopsy

I had a leep and a cone bopisy last year (2007) My cone biopsy was performed six months after my leep. Only a small percentage of people who have had a LEEP will require a cerclage during pregnancy. The cervix is the narrow part of the lower end of the uterus and terminates in the vagina. I also strongly advise against taking any vitamins (especially from another country) before talking to your physician. After this procedure, it is possible for a woman to suffer from cervical stenosis. A cone biopsy poses a greater risk than LLETZ treatment. My concern is that it feels a little heavy in my abdomen area so I'm afraid of having another miscarriage is there something i should do to avoid the pain again? He told me it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant and there was a 50% chance I could lose the baby half way through so he suggested a cerclage if I ever did get pregnant. Still did the csect though)  I don't have a story for you though about a pregnancy afterward, just what the dr said. I am about to have a cone biopsy next week. and last but certialnly not least... God knows more than Doctors!! By that time your cervix will have healed. I'm having a cone biopsy done this week for severe dysplasia. Thanks! 7 Replies, Hi everyone, I am a 19 year old female who just got a call from my doctor saying that my pap smear had abnormal cells and tested positive for ... A cone biopsy is a type of biopsy conducted to either examine the tissue sample or to remove tissue that is found to be abnormal. This is why a cervical biopsy is not recommended during this phase. A cervical biopsy does not affect the pregnancy in any way if it is conducted properly and at the right time. also, someone told me that i should have a hysterectomy, give myself a lilit and in that limit if i cannot become preg, to do the hysterectomy.. im soooo sad... any ideas, input??? Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we've linked to here. I would always seek a second opinion from a reputable physician when it comes to major life-changing decisions. Gynec. 148 Replies, I want to say this: I have never been sexually active. A cone biopsy m… You may have a baby who is small or born too early. I got the all clear and went on to … Better to know what they are before you do it then after and have to terminate. You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. In April, I had a cone for CIN3. Add Friend Ignore Harley's Mama 1 child; Phoenix, Arizona 1011 posts I started seeing a high risk specialist because of Incompetent cervix. What were the results of your cone biopsy? Actually we're thinking about TTC (trying to conceive) in a few months, I go tomorrow to OB for my annual so I have questions about what would happen with #2. It was not bad at all. A cervical cone biopsy may remove cancer cells and prevent the cancer from spreading. The biopsy will look for premalignant lesions (CIN) or cancerous cells on your cervix.1 It may also be used to removing abnormal tissue from the cervixas part of treatment or to evaluate the extent of cervical cancer that is already diagnosed. It basically means that your cervix is unable to hold the weight of the developing pregnancy and opens prematurely. I havent had the cone biopsy nor have I herd of it. You shouldn't do any vigorous exercise or have sexual intercourse for 4 to 6 weeks after your cone biopsy. I had a friend bring me some special vitamins to help ne, from mexico.... im still trying. Erin, Hello, i had never tested positive for hpv until i had a pap test very early ... I was told I had LSIL after a colp/biop. I scheduled a colposcopy for early ... Your doctor will probably want to schedule additional Pap tests. 7 Replies, OK - so this is a tough one! Now I am 39 weeks! It felt like a pap although there is a bit of bleeding and cramping, I was back to work the next day. :)) I hope this helps <3 <3. Just wanted to share my story- I had a baby 1.5 yrs ago and yes I did end up needing a cerclage. you should wait at least 2 weeks. Ofcourse my pap came back abnormal again which scared me to death. I just found out I'm pregnant (not planned) just 3 months after my cone biopsy. She said she is going to go in and dilate my cervix, so I can stop my painful periods. You will be fine. If your doctor has ordered a cone biopsy, it's likely because you had Pap smear results indicating there are abnormal cells in your cervix that need further investigation followed by an inconclusive colposcopy to get a small sample of tissue for evaluation. Now, I at least know there is a chance of healthy pregnancy and am hopeful. I have also been trying to get pregnant.. no luck. "Moderate" dysplasia, impending LEEP, should I wait? They can determine whether or not you are ovulating, and if you aren't, why. Be sure to have your doctors watch your cervix closely.. I def need to have my questions answered, as I am a nervous wreck practically. He seemed to be happy! As with cone biopsy, studies looking at pregnancy after LLETZ show that there is a small rise in risk of birth before 37 weeks and having a low birth weight baby. This product is matched to user comments in this post. Summary Of 270 patients who had a cone biopsy of the cervix, 50 subsequently achieved a total of 68 pregnancies. The level of risk depends on the extent of the procedure that was carried out. I had a cone biopsy 3 years ago. Most women are able to go back to work within 1 or 2 weeks. The risk of premature birth Women who had have a cone biopsy or a LLETZ procedure, or any other procedure that involves the removal of cells from the cervix before pregnancy, are at higher risk of having a late miscarriage or premature birth (before 37 weeks). When I went to the regular Dr. she screamed at me. 8 Replies, I'd like to find out if anyone out there has gotten rid of CIN3 and CIS on their own through diet, supplements, or other means? She did say though that I might not. At 36 weeks I had the cerclage removed in the office. Before and during pregnancy, my pap smears came back abnormal. Anyway, I have had a LEEP/CONE, along with cervical stenosis and have gone to have two children and I am pregnant with my third. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. I really urge you to be checked out prior to getting pregnant. At that appointment, I was pregnant and felt physically ill after that colposcopy! 2 Replies, It is 4 weeks since my cone biopsy (results normal) and I am still bleeding. After the four to six weeks — and your doctor gives you the go-ahead — you should be able to resume your normal level of physical activity. 15 Replies, Hello ladies, this is my 1st time here but I do have a questions for you.. After that, cone biopsy was done and after that I had been going for regular medical check ups. In this surgical procedure, a cone-shaped wedge of tissue is removed from the cervix and then examined in a lab to determine whether there are any cancer cells present. i had cin3 cells in 2004 (after i had my two children) and had to have a cone biopsy where they had to cut away at least 3/4 of my cervix in 2006 cin3 returned but this time i had a leep biopsy and not as extensive. Candice, I think you need to go back to the doctor and get some blood work done along with follow up testing. I have been so worried and pretty much accepted I was going to miscarry for sure. But it held until full term and I have a beautiful healthy baby boy now :-) From my research it appears that true IC (incompetent cervix) is primarily diagnosed by preterm labor and/or loss in 2nd trimester. God bless and thank you!! IC (incompetent cervix) is incompetent cervix (also known as cervical insufficiency). The cervix is really a muscle that keeps the entrance to the womb closed unless a woman is in labour. Hi, Just wondered if any of you have had a pregnancy after having a cone biopsy. If the dysplasia is not gone, it could get worse in the duration of a pregnancy. Seriously, for those of you who ... Europ. Your cervix may narrow, making it hard to find problems in the future. In December 2012 I had a coneization done. I am a 27 yrs old lady, in the year 2006 i had cone biopsy done. In October of 07 I ... Having a cone biopsy or LEEP is a major risk factor for IC, thus you should get closely monitored until you are up to 24-28 weeks. My paps have normal since then and i think I'm pregnant now because my breastfeeding are very tender and i have not experienced mother nature in a while. Hi - I'm in much the same position, cone biopsy last year, now 19 weeks pregnant with first baby. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for the virus and once it has been in your system, it cannot be eliminated from it … He also told me to wait 6 months to get pregnant. PS - the only vitamins you really need to get pregnant are a safe multivitamin and a basic folic acid vitamin.

Yashwantrao Chavan Medical College, A Message To My Haters, Last Night Of The Proms - Nelson, Green Leaves Images With Names, Uab Vs South Alabama Score, Proposal Quotes For Her, Information About Shark In Kannada, Carbon's Golden Malted Waffle Copycat Recipe, What Was Zaha Hadid Famous For, Hunt's Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes With Garlic, Equatorial Region Meaning In Urdu,

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